Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Designed to Trigger Further Inflation

It would appear that Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan is designed to make inflation worse, not better. According to the Mises Institute, it will do the one thing that’s certain to exacerbate supply chain shortages and inflation, namely to increase spending on material-intensive areas and energy.

To make matters worse, other nations have decided to imitate the plan, making inflation a growing problem all over the world.

Earlier this month, Biden commented that taking on more debt is part of how a country pays its bills, which is madness. But turning the money printing machines up to 11, as the infrastructure plan calls for, is borrowing from the bank accounts of those who have saved.

It’s an economic theory that, if Albert Einstein had been an economist, might have been called ‘spooky action at a distance.’

The excuses used to put this plan in place work on the majority of people who have been denied a functional education in economics. Biden blames higher prices on “multi-cause-inflation” and speculation.

Speculation is a problem, but that’s not what’s driving this growing recession. What’s driving it is the Biden administration’s willingness to grease the palms of Asian economies and money-interests.

How do we know this?

We know this because by following the money, we can see that Asian economies are the ones benefiting most from this spooky action at a distance.

According to Bloomberg Economics, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam can expect to enjoy a 1% growth in their GDP. At the same time, China, Japan, and India will enjoy something between a .4% and .8% GDP boost.

At the same time, the $1 trillion spending boost called for by Biden’s infrastructure plan can be expected to elevate the costs of goods and energy.

The world’s most critical parts producers can expect to get more business, but their costs of doing business will increase as their energy expenses rise. This will hurt both production and delivery.

What will be created is a productivity bottleneck paired with higher costs and greater demand. It’s a three-pronged jab at our economy that can be expected to virtually destroy any prosperity we might have enjoyed as a result of Trump’s policy decisions.

The cumulative effect of these destructive policies will hurt jobs- the primary mechanism by which Trump fixed the economy. The added costs of energy for companies mean they will have less hiring power.

In short, Biden’s infrastructure plan achieves the same thing pre-Trump administrations achieved, but by different means- the evisceration of the working class.

Starting no later than the Clinton administration, the federal government made shipping production jobs overseas its main business, besides war of course. By the end of Obama’s second term, working families in the “fly-over states” were practically destroyed.

Wracked with under-employment, health problems, and addiction, coast-dwelling democrats had the heartlands on the ropes.

Trump brought them back from the brink, including inner-city blacks- making Trump the world’s most ineffective racial supremacist. He did it by bringing the factories back to the continental U.S.

In short, Trump put muscle back on America’s bones. Building up the hard assets of physical productivity infrastructure is an obstacle to Democrat money/power-grabbing that cannot be easily dispensed with.

You cannot legislate away these physical assets, they have to be degraded in other ways. This is where the Biden administration really shines, in its ability to degrade productivity capabilities that took a generation to dismantle.

It’s a plan that could only be fueled by spite and vengeance. One that has been made possible by a virus that creates the excuse for a plethora of policies that are aimed at destroying economies.

Never forget, the lockdowns have been the trigger for the single greatest transfer of wealth from those of modest means to those of immodest means in human history. Further, the virus that we are meant to believe inspired the lockdowns is now known to have been the creation of scientific research funded and promoted by the doctor-in-name-only, Fauci.

What we have here is a perfect confluence of disparate effects that could not be more precision-made to destroy the most robust economy in the world. It is a “perfect storm” that fits the decades-old “Great Reset” plan which has its roots in the mind of former high-level Trotskyist, James Burnham over 80 years ago.

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16 thoughts on “Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Designed to Trigger Further Inflation”


      1. The group Biden has handed over the keys to the WH will control every facet of your life – ‘n ‘ur families life ! Your regular meds can be forbidden to ‘u if ‘u refuse to take their ‘shots’ for ‘whatever’ they’’ decide is necessary – – they can stop your entry to work- to grocery shop- to ‘ur personal dr,,, anything anywhere ,,,,, This is what your Elites planned – Biden is one of them —. Now do ‘u not think the Election was Soros- controlled? Soros said. “I live only to see the destruction of the United States” – do ‘u not think this billionaire owns a lot of the ‘controlling stock in this plan of the Elites?

    2. Lurking in the background is the frowning head of Obama, the illegally elected, fake birth certificate created by Adobe software, hateful, anti-american, communist….running the ship.

  1. Maybe?, with a little luck, The People of The United States will acknowledge what The Biden Administration is doing to Our Country and make Democrats pay for their actions by voting them from office ASAP?


        1. I am elderly and am appalled to see what is happening to our country. During WW2 we supplied the entire allied armies with tanks, trucks, weapons, gas, everything made in the USA. Our Carrie Steel blast furnace in Pittsburgh produced more steel a day than all of England. Now we import our steel. What would happen if we should get into another world conflict? Where would we get our supplies. We won the war because of our inexaustable supplies that we manufactured. What do we manufacture now? We have allowed salesmen to take over out corporations instead of businessmen and the “bean counters” have said it is cheaper to import our needs. As a result we now have junk appliances and no factories. WAKE UP AMERICA. Even our automobile industry is gone to other countries.

  2. With the brain in our head, why are we being dumb? Who are these GOBALIST? These are people who are more in favor of a ONE WORLD ORDER! Which mean they are billionaire and millionaire who want to rule over every country and destroy country ! DEMOCRAT HAS BEEN DOING THIS SINCE THE CLINTON WERE IN OFFICE! You don’t believe it? Then you are dumb or a fool! DEMOCRAT want a one world order with their own people controlling everything! No I’m not talking you fool who vote for them! You are their slave already! Nothing these people want involved you! It POWER AND CONTROL OVER YOU! Since you are a middle class they are trying to put you in the POOR CLASS OF PEOPLE! Making you depending upon them! BIDEN KNOW THIS! BILL GATES AND BEZO ARE THE ONES WITH THE MONEY! They created jobs and destroyed jobs! GATES MAIN IDEA IS HAVING EVERYONE VACCINE WITH A DRUGS THAT WILL END LIVES AT A CERTAIN TIME FAME! SO HIS MONEY IS NOT BLEW! BEZO WANT TO FORCE THE WORLD TO BE HIS SLAVERY! SO PUTTING JOBS IN COUNTRY THAT HAS LITTLE UNDERSTANDING OF MONEY! LIKE in China, India, North Korea, Africa. These are SOCIALISM RULE COUNTRY WHERE GOVERNMENT CONTROL EVERYTHING! And you work for low wages!

  3. It is not “borrowing from the bank accounts” it is theft. At least with an actual tax the people, in theory as least, authorized the government to confiscate money from them. The multi trillion dollar boondoggles, that the government can’t possibly pay for through tax revenue are being funded by the creation of money that did not previously exist. When the money supply is diluted and devalued the government has stolen from your paycheck, your savings account, your retirement. No one voted for this,nobody authorized it, the government simply took it.

  4. I want to shake everyone and yell wake up! My husband and I (we’re 48) we have had the opportunity to talk with a group of kids our boys age (20 & 22) its been shocking to hear what they were taught in public school. Have any of you actually talked to someone between the ages of 19-22? We have been playing D&D once a week with a group of 6-7 people in this age group for 2 years now and they have opened up and talked. They have been taught capitalism is evil and major corporations are evil except google and facebook lol they think they’re the good guys and Bernie Sanders is talked about like a social justice warrior( the best of the best) ?? Huh the kids have no idea what Bernie Sanders actually does, what his voting record looks like or what he has actually accomplished for the working class or the lowest income communities. I was horrified to learn these kids were never taught our constitution. Thank God we homeschooled our 2 boys. The difference between their language skills is very apparent and young people are no longer being taught cursive so how can they even read our constitution or understand the meaning of the words used in it? Have you noticed how mainstream media and our government are changing words like equality to equity.. very different meanings.
    Hillsdale college offers pocket constitutions, I have put the in all of our Christmas stalkings and am including them with my gifts. Hopefully those who can still read it will explain it or read it to our kids. Love Peace and prayers for an awakened not woke country!

  5. JOE MANCHIN JUST SAVED SOCIAL SECURITY AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE PISSED OFF, BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO KILL SOCIAL SECURITY, HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE THE ILLEGALS PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY? ZERO DEMOCRATS ARE NO LONGER AMERICNS. The Democrats’ new spending bill is 2,135 pages and costs an estimated $1.75 trillion. A provision has been discovered tucked away on page 1,647.Democrats have likely kept this hidden over fears it could cause even greater disagreement over the bill. Steven Camarota, a researcher with the Center for Immigration Studies, confirmed to Fox News that he estimates this provision will lead to an extra $2.3 billion in payouts to illegal immigrants who have U.S.-born children. The provision would end the requirement of a Social Security number in order to get child tax credits. As a result, billions of dollars could be potentially distributed to illegal immigrants who claim a child tax credit under the new provision.“No credit shall be allowed under this section to a taxpayer with respect to any qualifying child unless the taxpayer includes the name and taxpayer identification number of such qualifying child,” current law regarding child tax credits states. Camarota explained, “[W]e estimated that illegal immigrants would receive $8.2 billion in cash payments from the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC), which is part of budget reconciliation bill, also referred to as the Build Back Better (BBB) Act.”“The new program significantly increases the maximum cash payment, which is referred to as a ‘refundable credit,’ from $1,400 per child under the old ACTC to $3,600 for children under six, and $3,000 for children six to 17,” Camarota continued.“The new CTC is only extended for one year in the BBB, after which the maximum for all children would be $2,000.”NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only president of the ILLEGALS The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is formal impeachment, for his abuse of power, corruption, violation of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection and correct use of our natural energy resources, failure to protect the public, with run away national organized crime, self created national shortages, mismanagement of our economy causing high inflation. Mismanagement of tax payor monies in too many areas, lets not forget to mentionthe tragedy Afghanistan losses of our military equipment, along with the unnecessary of loss of life. Accepting gifts and money from adversarial countries with pay to play violations.Turning your back on the Cuban people after they asked for help, promoting electric battery vehicles use by attacking our current resources when what your seeking, won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022.

    1. Unfortunately we here and who read and understand what is going on are already aware, at least to some degree, that our country is at war. What we read and write stays mostly within those that read and write here. This is the ultimate proof of the truth in the saying that we are very much like the “the Minister, Priest or Pastor preaching to the choir”! We are a closed community that needs to find a way to better spread truth. Trump came along and had the country regaining prosperity as well as increasing our standing in the eyes of the nations of the world by placing America first as he proved what the people of a free country are capable of. And totally opposite of what the Globalist of the Democrat Party preaches freedom of opportunity is what has made America great and stokes the fire of achievement that has been the hallmark of our country. Equity as put into action in socialism turns people into drones that are slaves to government and smothers individual achievement. Opportunity is what has also historically made the USA the most charitable country the world has ever known.

  6. Break down the rule of law and bankrupt the economy is communism 101 to destroying a country!
    communist democrat pedophile racist woke cult party members are just following their communist leaders to destroy our country!

  7. I wish that Pence hadn’t been such a laid back nice kinda guy and had the balls of steel to NOT certify for those Swamp Communist Heathens!!!!

    I’ve filled out a lot of political surveys and one came with Mike Pence’s name to it. Along with the survey I also sent a firm but scathing self-handwritten letter to the HQ address of that survey making my feelings known about the SELL-OUT of our country’s once Free Republic!! I never dreamt a Conservative Republican former VP would ever actually certify for the other side of the aisle for their radical extremism mind-blowing ideological idiocy plan to take our country down like a Titanic 2!!!!!!!!

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