Biden Mocks Americans’ Knowledge of Supply Chain Breakdown: ‘You Think They Understand What We’re Talking About?’

Container ships. Original public domain image from Flickr

The American economy has not fared well in 2021.

Unfortunately, 2022 is not looking much brighter.

Not only are there massive inflationary issues to contend with, but there are also major supply chain disruptions that are driving demand, and prices, higher with little in the way of supply to ease said skyrocketing prices and empty store shelves.

To make things worse, the U.S. president, the person Americans turn to for coming up with solutions (at least in a perfect world), is mocking the average American claiming that they don’t really understand what’s going on.

For a president who promised a kinder, gentler administration, the “let them eat cake” attitude over higher gasoline prices at the pump, and in anticipation over higher heating costs this winter with natural gas, has surprised many of his most ardent supporters, and is a sour note with the American public who has been told to get used to empty store shelves.

In his comments, Biden implied that the average American you would meet in a diner cannot explain the supply chain and, as a result, have no clue what is really going on.

The thing is, most Americans understand that their paychecks may be higher than ever before, but they have less buying power than at any time in their recent memories.

For instance, the national average for gasoline was $2.38 on January 19, 2021. The national average for gasoline as of November 8, 2021, is $3.50.

It costs significantly more to fill up your gas tank.

Top that off with a shortage of truck drivers, rising gasoline (and diesel fuel) prices, labor shortages across the country (from dock workers to the few manufacturing jobs remaining in the U.S.), and a massive backlog of container ships off the coast of California, and there is cause for concern.

From toy manufacturers to politicians, warnings have been issued that consumers need to take care of holiday shopping early because greater shortages are coming.

Americans understand the following all too well.

  • Trips to grocery stores cost more than this time last year.
  • Grocery and goods shelves are emptier than in the initial days of the pandemic.
  • Jobs are paying more but checks are buying less.
  • The federal government is completely tone deaf to the plight of the average American family.
  • Concerns are real that the true battle is going to be about feeding families and keeping them warm, NOT about Christmas presents before all is said and done.

Prices are going up everywhere.

Shelves at stores, across the board, are increasingly sparse.

Politicians pontificate, but no one seems keen on addressing the issues facing Americans due to the supply chain issues.

What the American people do understand is that Joe Biden asked for the job he has, and he rigged the 2020 election in his favor to give him that job. As a result, Americans are now forced to look at him to answer for issues like the inability to heat their homes, feed their families, and buy basic necessities (let alone a few luxury items).

His uncaring attitude on these matters is partly to blame for chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” and the original “F**k Joe Biden” breaking out across the country, along with his tanking approval ratings and poll numbers.

Can Biden turn the tides in his favor?

It’s possible.

Mainstream media is certainly doing their part to assist, as well as every other institution that they own. (Which is pretty much everything.)

Top it off with the short attention spans and memories of many Americans, and there is a chance.

But only if families aren’t going hungry or freezing throughout the upcoming winter.

Because historically, people vote with their wallets.

Democrats better get with that notion, or be prepared to PAY themselves come election time.

Laugh at us now, but we’ll certainly get the last laugh.

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31 thoughts on “Biden Mocks Americans’ Knowledge of Supply Chain Breakdown: ‘You Think They Understand What We’re Talking About?’”

  1. Biden does NOT care about the people at all. If he did he would DO something about all the things HE has fucked up…like closing all our fuel pipelines. He says that has nothing to do with rising prices but he is the biggest liar on the planet. He is screwing everybody and doesnt seem to care. He stole the election as there is no way HE won 90% of the votes in ALL the swing states. Nobody has ever done that and its IMPOSSIBLE that Mr Personality did that either. He cheated, everybody knows it and now he is pushing his socialist agendas on America and we dont want that!! I dont know why nobody is taking steps to remove him and all his dumbass cronies from office. Biden has cost us WAY more than he has helped us. Anybidy that buys anything knows that!! He loves the people so much he is now wanting to sick the IRS dogs on every American. They should start with him and Hunter but they wont even be looked at BUT we the people will all be harrassed by this evil IRS and trust me they are EVIL and very unfair!! This idiot ass hole commander of BS has got to be removed from office ASAP!!

    1. As long as Pelosi is in charge of the House Biden will not be impeached until it is advantagist for Pelosi to do so.

    2. I agree with you at 100%!! Harris and Polosi need to go too!! Those 3 among others aren’t for the American people at all!! They were all after President Trump even before he was elected! Wonder why nobody is going after Biden, Harris and Polosi! Yeah Biden has alot of lawsuits against him but dam git him gone and the others too!!

      1. Question…has ANY corrupt Msrxist Democrat EVER been really investigated, indicted, tried and convicted, for ANY of their known crimes ? Clintons, Hussein Obama, Schiff, Biden, Pelosi ? ALL have committed serious crimes that others like Martha Stewart, have served time for committing. Justice does not exist for them under our now corrupt DOJ. Unconscionable !!

    3. Amen! I don’t understand why, starting with Hillary, they are all getting away with it. Biden , Harris and Pelosi all need to go. If there’s an America left Trump will fix it. I would give anything for a mean tweet right now.

  2. Why are Americans putting up with these devil worshippers??? Americans know that this Administration wasn’t voted in legally !!! So why in the hell are we putting up with the criminals ??? Anyone that’s in our Government that does not comply with The Constitution and The Bill of Rights should be put in prison !! They are not considered American !!!! “We The People have the right to not listen to them or abide by any thing less than the Constitution and Bill of Rights !!!!

  3. I think Biden and the democrats want a class war, the elite’s vs the average American, it appears that he wants prices to go up where only the wealthy can afford products and things like gas and fuel. He wants gas prices to go as high as $10 a gallon or even higher. Which means they won’t feel so guilty about buying their gas guzzling vehicles, their yachts and their private jets, because we are just so entitled to these things. He wants products to go so high that only 10% of Americans can afford it or if they are lucky, the illegals can too after Biden gives them there $450,000. For everyone else it’s a big fuck you and double middle fingers. It’s the only thing I can think of as why he wants prices to climb. But there is a somewhat silver lining, by the time Biden is done destroying everything, and giving $450,000 to the illegals, it won’t be worth the special paper that it’s printed on. This jerk, this incompetent imbecile is such a nightmare for the American people, so corrupt, so greedy, he’s a pathological, compulsive liar and totally inept and incompetent. Okay, I’ll go ahead and just say it, the big double whammy… Fuck Joe Biden and his equally incompetent sidekick… Miss Giggles herself Kamala Harris. Hey… we’re saved, because there are no longer any mean tweets for calling out the political corruption and the greed from those in power positions. TWO THUMBS UP!

    1. They are not doing all this because they are dumb. They are trying to break America to force us in to world globalization as it’s being called now. Just One World Order. Lookup there manifestos. It follows what has been being push through our country for sometime

  4. biden was a bullshit vice president and those dumasses put this pos as communist in control, dammed democraps! hope all you dum asses who voted for this P O S ,are happy with high taxes and inflation ,and these socalled electric cars are not worth a shit!! giving illegals separated by crossing the border illegaly is bull shit ! i want biden to ride one of those electric air planes ,see how long that last, maybe it will catch on fire and theres no putting it out, it would be the perfect end to bidens reigh of terror ! i dont see any electric car on his motorcades !!

    1. Put all the dumbocrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Harris and the rest of them on the same plane and be sure there is a broken line to all the jets.

    1. There is no hope for impeachment while the Dumbocrats control the Executive, Senate and House. The only hope for LEGAL removal of the idiot is that we’d have fair midterm elections. The recent Virginia election provides some hope, but it may have been a glitch – allowed to happen because of too many watchful eyes. If we get complacent and allow next year’s elections to be stolen as they were in 2020, we’re sunk and the only way to remove the traitorous stooges will be by extralegal force.

  5. This has to be the most incompetent administration ever in American history! They stole the election and used their PLANDEMIC to do it, citing everyone should do mail in ballots, therefore giving them the opening to add as many as they needed to win! They’re trying to force their poisonous vaccine onto every human on this planet…The vaccine was not created for the virus, the virus was created for the vaccine! Those in power, along with the elite around the world want population control. Too bad there are so many sheep complying with their lies! People are losing their jobs because they won’t comply with their bullshit! Our economy is tanking due to them keeping supplies from us, yet handing over our tax dollars to illegal immigrants crossing our border! The children being brought across the border are being trafficked and these evil people think we’re re too dumb to see that’s what they’re doing! If the American People don’t stand up soon, our great nation is going to fall to these evil dictators! They want a One World Order and if we don’t stop them, that’s exactly what’s going to happen! God have mercy on us all and GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

    1. That’s right I whole heartedly agree with all these fine Americans. Biden and Harris are a pair of idiotic assholes. Fuck Joe Biden and all his evil minions. I for one will not comply with anything that they want me to do. It’s unconstitutional, and they want to take everything away from us. Hope the FBI IS CHECKING ME OUT TOO.AND HERE’S A BIG FAT FUCK YOU TO THEM ALSO. These assholes think we don’t understand what’s going on, but we do you bunch of NAZI, COMMUNIST FUCKERS. STICK THAT UP YOUR ASS NAZI GOVERNMENT FUCKERS!!!!!!

  6. O’Biden’s too stupid to be President. He was too stupid to be Vice President. He was too stupid to be a Senator. When you’re too stupid to make an honest living, the best alternative is to be extremely corrupt and that philosophy has been good for O’Biden and his family. The countless failures of the O’Biden administration in just 10 months is not a result of O’Biden’s incompetent leadership. They’re the result of a calculated destruction of principles that have made America great and it’s all orchestrated by O’Biden’s handlers who are much smarter than he. Once you realize this truth, you begin to understand why the Democrats are so exceedingly stupid – they all are too dumb to lead anything yet they are much wealthier than the average American. Their stupidity is useful to their handlers: Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Waters, Abrams, Lightfoot, Nadler, DeBlasio, Wheeler, Breed, Newsom, Harris, etc. You have to sum up their IQs to get into triple-digit territory. Are they orchestrating the destruction of America? Not consciously…they’re doing what their handlers tell them to do and are stupid enough to believe it’s going to end up benefitting Americans. This is why Joe and the Ho (and Pelosi, etc.) think that recklessly spending trillions of dollars is going to fix inflation and not going to cost Americans a cent. It’s because they’re STOOOOPID. Exceeeeeeedingly STOOOOOPID!!

    On a side note, the article mentions that the shortage of truck drivers is helping to worsen the supply chain crisis. What they failed to mention was some of California’s regulations that ended up causing independent truckers to go elsewhere to work. Libtards are REALLY good at destroying things!

  7. Please tell me why stupid biden put so many dumb ass-es in his Administration…? They are not only dumb they are all ugly to….obama is leading Poopie Pants…He is a Muslim and he hates America…Are the Demos that afraid of these Idiots….Wake up Demos Karma will get you…it is already happining….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Simple. If you don’t have the intelligence to properly lead a country (or even the proverbial one-car funeral), you don’t have the smarts to choose other competent administration members. And if you’re as stupid as O’Biden is, you’ll take advice from your evil handlers who will choose the most easily-manipulated morons for your administration. It’s quite easy to achieve your destructive goals if you have self-centered idiots with no moral compass at your disposal.

  8. Talk about asleep at the wheel, Our country is being run by Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. Not to mention their puppet masters like those at Black Rock. The fight of our lives is being laid at our doorstep. The time has come for the true lovers of freedom and this great republic to come together as never before. If we do not stand and defeat this fascist regime, we may very well lose her forever. I, for one, do not plan to sit idly by and let that happen. To all who would hear the cry, FREEDOM, let us again answer the call. God bless and preserve us.

  9. Biden is right that we don’t understand. We don’t understand are why a privileged American like Biden would work for years with the CCP. We probably have no idea just how long he has been selling out America. We don’t understand why Pilosi, Schumer, Schiff, Sanders, etc, do not want to work for the good of all Americans. We don’t understand why they refuse to do what is logically and morally right just because it’s right.

  10. If the truth were told, it would show that Biden hates American citizens and desires to replace us with his precious illegals. He is willing to impoverish Americans so illegals can be rewarded for breaking our immigration laws. There MUST BE a Conservative Tsunami sweeping out Democrats in the midterm next November.

  11. The demon rats goal was to turn the US into Venezuela and it’s working. Civil war is the only answer at this late date. Unless we just roll over and like the Venezuelans did. In that case, enjoy your starvation and worthless investments.

  12. Americans understand mu ch more that Biden’s basement living know! Biden doesn’t understand how society and GOD works!



  14. Asshole Joe and the Ho gotta go! He is shutting down gas lines and allowing no new oil wells hoping to push us into electric vehicles that most of us cannot afford. His reconciliation bill will stop all oil drilling in the U.S. He deserted Americans and our allies in Afghanistan and is obstructing their rescue at every turn. He has mandated a vaccine that doesn’t work and can have severe side effects. He’s now pushing that poison on our children. He has thrown the border wide open letting in every child trafficker, sex trafficker, drug dealers, gun runners and gang members. He is silencing conservative views at every turn. If you disagree with him and his policies then you are immediately labeled a white super mist even if you are black. The Brandon administration has no shame. His farting in front of the success is no surprise since he visibly suffers brain farts every time he speaks. I pray for a red tsunami in November so him, Harris and Pelosi can all be impeached or article 25’d.

  15. Impeach my ass! Drag the cheating lying scumbag out in the streets! That is how this shit will stop! Stand up for the American People! He is a fraud and he is ruining this Country! Then Pelosi, hammertoe, Schumer and Obama! He thinks our money is Monopoly money!

  16. Then we remove all illegal immigrants! WE have to pay for ourselves and only ourselves! Anita and BlM can destroy kill and burn down business and they turn a blind eye!

  17. I know that we are a country with out a President. The Democrats run a coup on the Government for a take over they are Terrorist. the Federal Government at this time is 85% Terrorist scum

  18. Since January, when Biden OPENED THE FLOOD GATES FOR OTHER COUNTRIES TO COME IN, I SAID THEN HE HATES ALL AMERICANS! He thinks all Americans are stupid! The Biden-Harris needs to be REMOVED from office! They are not doing ANYTHING FOR AMERICA! The shots are not for SAFETY, THEY ARE FOR HIS CONTROL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! THEY ARE KILLING AMERICANS AND THE CHILDREN WITH THESE SHOTS. THEY are in the WH laughing about these containers just SITTING! There are other PORTS these containers could go to. They will not let that happen. GOD BLESS THE USA!

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